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Advocacy News

Coordination of Public Administration and Regulatory Impact Analysis Are a Precondition for Effective Reforms


The embassy of the United States of America, in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, organized a roundtable on the analysis of the effects of regulation and policy coordination to further improve the efficiency of public administration and create a better and more secure economic environment

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Briefing Session on Practical Aspects of the Amendments to Labour Law Implementation


On Tuesday, September 9, 2014 AmCham hosted a Briefing Session on Practical Aspects of the Amendments to Labour Law Implementation with the law drafters, representatives of the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veteran ad Social Affairs: Zoran Lazić, Assistant Minister, Snežana Bogdanović, Head of the Labour Department and Jesenka Čvoro, Head of the Group for Improvement of Employees’ Rights

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The New Legal Framework for Planning and Construction: Significantly Improved Conversion, but Construction Permitting Procedure Still Lacks Clarity and Transparency


After almost a year of public discussion on various versions of the Draft Law on Planning and Construction, the Ministry of Construction, Transportation and Infrastructure has produced the official final text of the draft amendments presented at a public discussion on August 4

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Amcham, NALED, SAM and PKS Jointly Propose Key Elements of The Roof Law on Inspections


AmCham, NALED, SAM and PKS jointly sent a list of key elements of the Roof Law on Inspections. These were aimed at improving the work of inspections, targeting illegal trade and the grey economy

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AmCham's suggestions included in the adopted amendments to the Law on Insolvency


On August 2, the Serbian Parliament adopted amendments to the Law on Insolvency which became effective on August 13, 2014

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Adopted Amendments to the Labour Law


On July 18, the Parliament of the Republic of Serbia adopted Amendments to the Labour Law, which entered into force on July 29, 2014, incorporating more than 70% of AmCham’s suggestions

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AmCham Grey Economy Combating Committee agrees Cooperation with the Ministry of State Administration and Local Development on the Draft Roof Law on Inspections and its Implementation


Leadership of the AmCham Grey Economy Combating Committee met with the State Secretary Željko Ožegović, Assistant Minister Jasmina Benmansur and Adviser to the Deputy Prime Minister, Miloš Popović

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Amcham Meets with Union Representatives


Representatives of the American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia, met today with the presidents of the Alliance of Autonomous Trade Unions of Serbia (SSSS) and the United Trade Unions "Independence", Ljubisav Orbović and Branislav Čanak, in order to exchange views and opinions on improving the business environment in country

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AmCham points out on three priorities for making real estate industry investment friendly


During June, Amcham’s Real Estate Committee had two consultative meetings with representatives of the Ministry of Construction, Transportation and Infrastructure on amendments to the Law on Planning and Construction. The Committee was invited to submit its top priorities for improving the draft text of the new law. Three key areas were identified: enhancements aimed at improved implementation of the new procedure for issuing construction permits; resolving problems with implementation of the conversion of the right to use and lease land into the right of ownership; and reform of the contribution for land development.

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Brieffing Session with the Business Registry


On Wednesday, June 25th, AmCham hosted a briefing session with the Business Registry. Focus of the discussion was on the practical aspects of the application of the Company Law and the Law on Pledge of Movable Property

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AmCham’s suggestions for improvements to the Law on Planning and Construction


Encouraged by Government announcements that the new draft Law on Planning and Construction is approaching completion, AmCham’s Real Estate Committee has proposed a few general suggestions for resolving some of the key stumbling blocks in the current law. AmCham’s recommendations focus on fifteen different issues, among which the most important are conversion with fees, long-term lease on land and compensation for land development.

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Sent comments on the existing Bankruptcy Law and Proposal of the Law adopted in 2013


AmCham Corporate and Business Law Committee sent comments to the Bankruptcy Law aiming to strengthen the role of creditors in bankruptcy proceedings, increase their efficiency and decrease number of problems in implementation observed in practice.

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AmCham and NALED submitted priorities for improving the Labour Law


AmCham Labour regulations Committee agreed on priorities for amendments to the Labour Law, synchronized them with NALED and USAID BEP project and forwarded to the Minister of Labour, Minister of Economy, Minister of Finance and Minister of State Administration, while offering to elaborate concrete proposals on a separate meeting.

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Meetings of the AmCham Advocacy Working Groups


Initial meetings of the AmCham working groups will take place over upcoming period with the following schedule for the first half of month:
March 7 - ICT
March 11 - Finance and Tax
March 12 - Combating Grey Economy
March 13 - Corporate and Business Law

March 19 - HR Forum
March 21 - Real Estate

April 2 - Health Care

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Set the Policy Platform for the New Government – Engage for Policy Change


·AmCham refocuses its Committees around policy priorities AmCham members have chosen in the policy survey Engage for Change at the end of 2013

·Agendas and Action plans for the committees tackling Labour Regulations, Tax and Finance, Grey Economy, Corporate and Business Law, Real Estate, ICT and Health Care issues will be adopted during March

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AmCham highlights necessary changes to the Draft Law on Planning and Construction


AmCham has taken an active role in public discussion on the Draft Law on Planning and Construction, and after organizing a roundtable with stakeholders, has sent concrete suggestions for improving the draft text, focusing on conversion of the right to use land into right of ownership and the construction permit procedure.

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AmCham requests the Ministry of Finance’s opinion regarding calculation of utility compensation for displaying companies’ names – signage fees


Inadequate interpretation of the Law on Financing of Local Self-Government has led to an increase in signage fees from several hundred to several thousand times, which is contrary to the aim of the 2012 amendments to the Law which set the limits to these charges.

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AmCham warns on nontransparent abolishment of tax credit for investments in capital assets


Contrary to the plans provided in the Fiscal Strategy, less than a month after its publication and without prior notice or public discussion, the Government and Parliament have adopted a Draft Law on Amendments to the Corporate Income Tax Law, abolishing tax credits for investments in capital assets.

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AmCham Continues Effective Cooperation with Tax Administration


The AmCham Tax Committee had a successful meeting with Ivan Simic and the Tax Administration’s Top Management on resolving outstanding tax-implementation issues

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Six of Eight AmCham Economic Priorities are covered by the Government’s Reform Package

09.10.2013. | Belgrade

The comprehensive economic reform package that Minister of Finance Krstić announced on October 8 contains six out of eight reform priorities for economic recovery that AmCham recommended to the new Government in June 2012

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