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Advocacy News

AmCham Submitted Comments on Law on E-Trade and Law on Trade


AmCham was invited by the Ministry of Foreign and Internal Trade, Telecommunications and Information Society to provide suggestions for amendments of the Law on Trade and the Law on Electronic Trade.

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Minister of Health asks AmCham Health Care Committee for Proposals for Improvement of Health Care Sector in Serbia


On August 31, an AmCham Health Care Committee (HCC) delegation met with Ms.Slavica Đukić Dejanović, Minister of Health, to discuss joint cooperation aimed at enhancement and development of the Serbian health care sector.

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AmCham Steps Up the Fight Against Earmarked Revenues


AmCham’s Acting Executive Director, Amalija Pavic participated in a Conference on the para-fiscal burden on the private sector, organized at Danas Conference Center on September 5, pointing out AmCham priorities in this area.

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Eight priorities for new Government


American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia has announced that the new Government should primarily focus on the continued implementation of key economic reforms. Representatives of AmCham have drafted a list of economic priorities which they believe should be on top of the Government’s agenda in order to overcome the recession and improve international competitiveness of Serbia as an investment destination.

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AmCham Business Advocacy Update Presents: AmCham Tax Committee


Over the past couple of months, AmCham advocacy committees were working hard towards defining goals and setting priorities for the upcoming period. With the aim of getting AmCham members engaged on implementing annual agendas, Committee Chairpersons were invited to present each group’s working plan in our Business Advocacy Update.

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AmCham Health Care Committee successful in cancelling Health Insurance Fund 40% debt write-off


Over past two months, AmCham has actively advocated against the Government’s conclusion implementing forced write-off of 40% HIF’s debt towards wholesalers and producers of medicines.

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AmCham joins in Panel Discussing Dangers of Para-fiscal Charges

20.04.2012. | Belgrade

On April 19, AmCham’s Acting Executive Director, Amalija Pavić took part in a Panel Discussion on Para-fiscal Charges organized by the USAID Business Enabling Project. The study presented at the event identified 370 different fees and charges that Serbian companies must pay. These cost them €730 million with few or no benefits in return.

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AmCham Finance Committee meeting: planning the agenda for 2012


The meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 10, from 13-14hrs at AmCham premises (Smiljanićeva 24/I).

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AmCham Joins Call for Reforms to Serbian Inspection System


USAID’s Business Enabling Project, leading business associations and the Regulatory Reform Office presented a joint initiative for comprehensive inspection system reform.

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AmCham Committees Elected New Leadership for 2012


During February, AmCham Committees elected new members for its Steering Committees who will lead the working groups in the course of 2012.

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Finance and Tax Committee jointly submit an Initiative to Amend The Rulebook on the Content of the Tax Balance


The letter specifically recommends change of the tax treatment of loans in RSD with FX clause, granted to related parties, from current treatment as RSD loans to foreign exchange loans.

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USAID BEP is inviting AmCham members to attend meetings of focused groups on inspections


Meetings of focused groups, on topics relevant for the Proposal of the program for inspections’ reforms and improvement of their work shall take place in the second week of February.

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First results of AmCham and NALED Survey on Earmarked Revenues Announced

11.01.2012. | Belgrade

AmCham and National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED), announce the first results of the survey, which is a part of NALED's project regarding inventory and analysis of earmarked revenues. The goal is simplifying these levies and reducing business costs to the private sector. The project is supported by the USAID Business Enabling Project (USAID BEP).

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New Draft Regulatory Reform Strategy for the period 2011-2014 completed

27.12.2011. | Belgrade

With a support of USAID BEP, Serbian Regulatory Office completed new Draft Regulatory Reform Strategy for the period 2011-2014, along with its Action plan.

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The Health Care Committee joined forces with Inovia and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia

24.10.2011. | Belgrade

The AmCham Health Care Committee, Inovia and the Group of Pharmaceutical Manufactures of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia sent a joint letter to the Ministry of Health and Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices regarding procedure for renewal of drugs registration and promotion of medicines.

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AmCham Tax Committee representatives meet with Assistant Minister of Finance Nataša Kovačević

21.10.2011. | Belgrade

On October 20th, AmCham Steering Committee representatives met with Assistant Minister Nataša Kovačević, Head of the Group for Sales Taxes Ms. Irina Stevanović Gavrović, and Ms. Biljana Todorović and Ms. Biljana Milić from the Corporate Income Tax Group to discuss issues on the Tax Committee Annual Agenda.

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Reauthorization of the GSP program

20.10.2011. | Washington

U.S. Congress has passed legislation reauthorizing the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) and the President will sign the measure on Friday, October 21, 2011.

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