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Advocacy News

AmCham, FIC and SCC join forces against extended application of branch collective agreements

14.10.2011. | Belgrade

AmCham, Foreign Investors Council (FIC) and Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SCC) sent joint letter to Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Mr. Rasim Ljajić, advocating against extended application of branch collective agreements (BCAs) and its impact on overall business climate.

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New Decree on Conversion Adopted by the Government of Serbia

14.09.2011. | Belgrade

The Government of Serbia has adopted a new Decree on the conditions, criteria and procedure for the conversion of the right to use land into ownership right and the manner for determining market value of construction land and the conversion fee. This decree replaces two previous Decrees on Conversion, one that refers to the conversion procedure and the other to the criteria for determining compensation for conversion.

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AmCham Receives Positive Feedback on Input to Improvement of Public Procurement Process

24.08.2011. | Belgrade

AmCham participated in the effort of the Government of Serbia to improve its public procurement regime. During July, the Ministry of Finance held a public discussion on the Draft Strategy on Public Procurement Development, which should be followed by amendments to the Public Procurement Law and some by-laws.

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Five Roundtables on Inspections Held in Serbian Cities

25.07.2011. | Serbia

Over the past few months, the USAID Business Enabling Project (BEP), along with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Chambers of Valjevo, Niš, Novi Sad, Kragujevac and Kruševac have organized five regional roundtables on the inspections system in Serbia with the aim of improving the current situation in this function. The roundtables were supported by AmCham, NALED and the Serbian Association of Employers.

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Private sector against CEFTA violation

25.07.2011. | Belgrade

AmCham, Foreign Investors Council, Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Business Club “Privrednik” sent letter to Mr. Štefan Füle, the European Commissioner for Enlargement, urging European institutions to activate all available mechanisms to suspend the unilateral Decision of Kosovo Administration on banning the shipping of goods from the Republic of Serbia.

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Serbian Parliament adopts Optical Discs Law

15.07.2011. | Belgrade

Three years of AmCham’s continuous effort and advocacy towards regulation of production and trade of optical discs resulted in the adoption of an Optical Discs Law (ODL) by the Serbian Parliament on July 14, 2011.

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Roundtable on the Draft Strategy on Public Procurement Development

14.07.2011. | Belgrade

Ministry of Finance and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SCC) are jointly organizing Roundtable on the Draft Strategy on Public Procurement Development.

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AmCham is soliciting input for a by-law to the Law on Foreign Exchange (FOREX) on netting

11.07.2011. | Belgrade

AmCham has been informed that the Ministry of Finance (FOREX inspectorate) is starting work on the FOREX by-laws and has asked for our input on netting.

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AmCham’s Public Procurement Initiative

08.07.2011. | Belgrade

Public procurement regulation and practices have been set as one of AmCham’s key focuses in 2011. As detailed suggestions were sent to the authorities last year, we have been informed that solutions for some of the problems we pointed out in our recommendations have already been incorporated in the Draft Strategy on Public Procurement.

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AmCham Joins Second Roundtable on New Draft Decree on Conversion

28.06.2011. | Belgrade

AmCham sent its comments and constructive suggestions for improvement of the First Draft Decree to the Ministry of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning. Based on these, the Decree was somewhat amended, and the Second Draft was presented at a second roundtable on June 27.

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AmCham soliciting input on the Draft Decree on Conversion by Wednesday, June 15th, COB

13.06.2011. | Belgrade

AmCham took part at the presentation of the early draft of the new Decree on Conversion organized under the auspices of USAID BEP project and NALED.

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Roundtables on inspections reform in Serbia

07.06.2011. | Valjevo, Niš, Kragujevac, Novi Sad, Belgrade

AmCham is supporting the USAID BEP project which is planning a series of activities aimed at initiating inspections reform in Serbia.

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AmCham Continues to Support Business-Friendly Environment

01.06.2011. | Belgrade

AmCham Acting Executive Director Amalija Pavić joins Panel Discussion organized by USAID Business Enabling Project

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Serbian Government adopted Proposal Law on Optical Discs

27.05.2011. | Belgrade

After three years of AmCham IPR Committee’s active advocacy towards the adoption of the Law on Optical Discs, Serbian Government adopted the Proposal Law, on its session held on May 26.

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AmCham Committees adopted its annual goals for 2011

24.05.2011. | Belgrade

Additionally, all Committees (apart from OSAC) adjusted their Charters in line with a recently amended AmCham Advocacy Guidelines.

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AmCham Health Care Committee met with the new Minister of Health


On May 9, AmCham Health Care Committee representatives met with the Minister of Health (MoH) Zoran Stanković, Assistant Minister Zorica Pavlović and Minister’s chief of staff Jelena Pavlović.

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AmCham is Soliciting Input for a Real Estate Roundtable

10.03.2011. | AmCham

In a view of recent adoption of the Proposal Law on Planning and Construction by the Government of Serbia, and the need for further improvement of the real estate regulations and their relation to local and central administration revenues, AmCham is soliciting interest for organizing a roundtable on this topic.

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Public Procurement Initiative

10.03.2011. | AmCham

Recognizing the need for improvement of the public procurement regime, and in continuation of the efforts that begun with the last April’s short survey, we would like to invite you to express an interest in pursuing advocacy activity on this topic.

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