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New Director Of The Health Insurance Fund Offers Cooperation


26.10.2010. | Belgrade

On October 26, AmCham representatives Mr. Gabriel Dina, Health Care Task Force (HCTF) Manager, Ms. Jasmina Knežević of BelMedic, Mr. Saša Spasić of Abbot and Ms. Amalija Pavić, AmCham’s Government Affairs and Policy Advisor, met with, the newly appointed Director of the Health Insurance Fund, Mr. Aleksandar Vuksanović.

The meeting was held to introduce Mr. Vuksanović to the work and objectives of the HCTF, the challenges it has faced in its work so far, as well as to ask him to delineate his vision going forward.

The new Director said that he would strive to improve responsiveness of his institution to interested parties (including the industry), and announced appointing HIF staff for direct contact on all relevant issues. He also welcomed suggestions for improving the efficiency of the HIF in terms of the transparency of internal procedures and response to applications.

With regard to the private sector health care providers, he stated he sees opportunity for PPP in the area of radiation therapy as well as primary health care services wherever there is lack of coverage by the public network, but urged the private sector to come up with more PPP proposals.