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First results of AmCham and NALED Survey on Earmarked Revenues Announced


11.01.2012. | Belgrade

AmCham and National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED), announce the first results of the survey, which is a part of NALED's project regarding inventory and analysis of earmarked revenues. The goal is simplifying these levies and reducing business costs to the private sector. The project is supported by the USAID Business Enabling Project (USAID BEP).

First results of AmCham and NALED Survey on Earmarked Revenues Announced - Documents

Earmarked revenues include various compensations, levies, administrative taxes and other payments that represent a disproportionate financial and/or administrative burden for companies. The companies either do not obtain rights or services in return, or if they do, the objective value of such rights/services is notably lower than the cost.

AmCham’s and NALED’s members conducted a survey on earmarked revenues and other compensations not falling into this category, for which the amount of payment is not in a conformity with the costs of providing services. Results show that around 258 various compensations are charged at the local and republic level or by public administration for different usages (please see the attachment above).

We encourage AmCham members to check the list. Should they find some tax, levy or other type of compensation with a character of earmarked revenue not included on the list, they are urged to email their input to pavic@amcham.rsand In addition, should they think that some of payments listed on the table do not belong there, we would kindly ask them to send us input on this as well.

Received data will be analyzed by NALED experts, and in accordance with their findings, a set of recommendations for the relevant state authorities will be made.