AmCham Leader in Change - HERO Award 2018

As a part of long-term commitment to improve business practices in Serbia, and recognizing organizational core values and principles based on leading and spearheading the change, for the fifth year in a row AmCham Serbia organizes Annual AmCham Leader in Change - HERO Award.

The aim of the award is to acknowledge individual, organization or institution that represents the role model of excellency in Serbian society.

CRITERIA, ELIGIBILITY AND RULES for AmCham Leader in Change - HERO Award

  • Recognized for significant contribution in culture, sports, science, education, or substantial impact on Serbian society in general;
  • Demonstrated innovativeness, creativity and determination in achieving objectives related to overcoming challenge;
  • Demonstrated strong leadership in making a difference and readiness to stand and fight for causes significant for the Serbian society;
  • Evoked positive changes and became an inspiration to others to pursue their vision to the extent that it becomes a shared effort, a shared vision, and a shared success.

*The nominee must be a strictly non-partisan individual, organization or institution


- The on-line nomination process and the nomination platform will be opened by February 5, 2018, until 5pm (local time).


  • Only AmCham member companies and AmCham Executive Office are eligible to nominate the candidates for AmCham Leader in Change - HERO Award;
  • Each AmCham member company has the right to make one nomination for the AmCham Leader in Change - HERO Award.


  • Nomination process is entirely online, and all submissions-nominations must be completed in English on the nomination platform;
  • Submissions in another language will be accepted if a translation is timely provided by the nominator;
  • Fully completed nominations must be submitted online by February 5, 2018 till 5pm local time (nomination process starts on January 25, 2018);
  • All the fields (boxes) within the on-line Nomination application are obligatory;
  • AmCham Executive office reserves the right to reject incomplete nominations, or to send them back to revisal;
  • After the nominations period is over, all completed nominations will be presented to the Award Jury;
  • Each nomination must be accepted by the nominated individual, institution or organization;
  • Queries or requests for clarifications of the rules and submission procedure should be sent to Branislav Valent at .

INELIGIBILITY TO BE NOMINATED AND AWARDED: AmCham member-companies, non-member companies, members of the Jury and organization and/or institutions they represent(ed), members of the Executive Office, politically engaged persons and governmental institutions and officials are not eligible neither to be nominated for, nor to be awarded as AmCham Leader in Change - HERO for 2018.

AWARDING: AmCham Board of Governors will act as a Jury and will review all completed nominations and decide on the Awardee - based on the criteria set for the Award.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The decision of the Jury on the Winner of the AmCham Leader in Change - HERO Award will be exclusively released at the General Assembly Meeting and Award Ceremony on February 28, 2018.

Follow this link to review list of nominees.