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MK Group: New Home for Residents of SOS Children’s Village in Kraljevo

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30.11.2012. | Kraljevo

MK Group donated around EUR 220,000 the construction of the 340 square metre house, the new home for fifteen teenagers

Kraljevo, November 29, 2012 - President of the Republic of Serbia and President of MK Group granted keys of new home for residents of SOS Children’s Village in Kraljevo. At the entrance to the new house, constructed owing to MK Group’s donation, President of the Republic of Serbia Tomislav Nikolić underlined that the state constantly appeals to those who have more to share with those who do not have enough, and that sometimes it is enough only to remind them to look around. – If MK Group has provided an example to other groups, companies and joint stock companies how to act socially responsibly in this country, then its contribution is huge – said Tomislav Nikolić, President of the Republic of Serbia. According to him, MK Group can have many business successes, but it will be remembered only if it acts socially responsibly and contributes to providing young people with prospects and rejuvenating Serbia.

- As a parent, I can say that there is no greater pleasure than seeing carefree smiles of the youngest, our children. My heart is filled with joy as I know that fifteen teenagers will have a roof over their heads. I believe that everyone is obliged to, in accordance with their capacities and in a suitable manner, return part of the value created during their career to the community. This is another confirmation that MK Group’s good intentions do not end with words, but that we consistently turn them into actions, as we have done in the past thirty years – said Miodrag Kostić, President of MK Group, adding that “all children have the equal right to basic needs, and we in MK Group strive to help them exercise that right. Therefore, the objective of the teenagers’ staying in the house is to provide them with easier steps in the future and accomplishment of their goals”.

The idea for the project was launched in September 2011. The project commenced two months later, when MK Group donated around EUR 220,000 for the construction of the house for young people in SOS Children’s Village in Kraljevo. With support of the Municipality of Kraljevo, a land lot for the construction of the 340 square metre house was provided for 15 teenagers, who will finally have an opportunity for a more humane life. The cornerstone was set on May 25, 2012, and the roof construction was erected on September 24, 2012.