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About AmCham Members' Success Stories

Given the fact that many environmental and social aspects together with the worldwide crisis are influencing regular business activities, and are starting to be the crucial factor for further development, it is very clear how AmCham Serbia recognized corporate responsibility as the issue that should be very highly ranked on our list of priorities.

In 2008, AmCham Office opened a new section on AmCham web site called CSR success stories to promote AmCham members' best practices, encouraging them to post their CSR reports and news on our website.  The idea is to use this powerful communication tool to stimulate others to build their own business strategy embedding the concept of corporate social responsibility.



Eaton Facility in Serbia Named Best Employer in Recognition of Community Involvement

08.02.2014. | Sremska Mitrovica

Eaton’s electrical facility, located in Sremska Mitrovica in the Serbian province of Vojvodina, was recently named by the city government as one of the “Best Employers in the Municipality”

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Adaptation of ONE IN A MILLION CAMPAIGN’s First School


Burovac, November 2013. – Thanks to support from 10,000 donors, individuals and companies from Serbia and the Diaspora, all the funds necessary for reconstruction of the first school were raised within the first six months of the ONE IN A MILLION campaign

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Support to Young Women Scientists in Serbia

16.10.2013. | Belgrade

Three Serbian women scientist - Diana Mosić, Katarina Zeljić and Miljana Tanić are awarded for their outstanding research work in the field of natural sciences, under the global For Women in Science program. The contest in Serbia was organized for the third time in a partnership of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, National Commission for UNESCO and L'Oréal Balkan

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Housing Project "Let's All Help'' is Successfully Completed


Thanks to the donation of €100,000 by the Saint-Gobain Initiative Foundation, sponsored by Weber activities in Serbia, all necessary funds for the construction of a fourth building were collected, enabling completion of the complex of social housing in a supportive environment in Belgrade

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GSK Serbia Wins Prestigeous CSR Award Second Year in a Row

26.09.2013. | Belgrade

Gold Challenge, a humanitarian action conducted by GSK Serbia, has again been given the award for The Best Volunteering Project in the category of Employees Development. This is the second year in row that GSK Serbia has received this prestigious award from USAID, the Institute for Sustainable Communities, Business Leaders Forum and Smart Kolektiv

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