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Fifth Virtus Competition Launched – Award for the Company that Cares

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06.09.2011. | Belgrade

The Competition for the VIRTUS corporative philanthropy excellence award was launched on September 6, 2011. The Balkan Community Initiatives Fund traditionally bestows the VIRTUS corporative philanthropy excellence award on the most responsible companies in Serbia

Deadline for accepting applications is October 7, 2011. This is the fifth year that the Balkan Community Initiatives Fund, with financial assistance from USAID and in partnership with the Institute for Sustainable Communities, presents this award.

This competition is open to all domestic and foreign companies, corporations, public and state-owned companies, small and medium sized enterprises, media houses as well as corporative funds and foundations, excluding non-profit organizations, public institutions and administrative bodies. All interested citizens, individuals, non-profit organizations, media, PR and marketing agencies can nominate candidates for awards. Companies and corporations can also submit their own programs.

VIRTUS awards for 2011 will be allocated in four principal categories:

Main award for contribution at the national level
Award for contribution to a local community where the company operates
Award for small and medium-size enterprises
Award for long-term partnership between business and the non-profit sector

In addition to these awards, three special accolades will be awarded:

Award for support for the most innovative project of the year
Award for volunteering
Special award for media contributions

The VIRTUS award was established in 2007 as the first recognition of its kind in Serbia. It is intended for companies and corporations that have most effectively contributed to general well-being by providing material or other support to non-profit civil society actions or organisations in 2010/11.

VIRTUS promotes the idea of corporative philanthropy and a responsible business attitude, with the aim of providing public support for projects that contribute to the general welfare, as well as motivating the greatest possible number of companies, entrepreneurs and individuals to launch similar actions. The strong interest of numerous foreign and domestic companies in this award shows that donations for general welfare have become an integral part of business activity in Serbia.

This year’s VIRTUS award ceremony will be held in Belgrade at the beginning of December. The award winners will be chosen by an independent jury of prominent individuals and experts from the fields of economy, civil sector, media and marketing.

Additional information, detailed conditions of the competition and application forms are available at the VIRTUS award official site