Members` CSR Stories

Being a strong advocate of raising awareness on the importance of corporate social responsibility in Serbian society, AmCham Serbia takes a role of a proud promoter of positive impacts that our members make through their innovative and carefully chosen initiatives, based on the highest standards of ethics and transparency.

If you would like to share your company`s CSR stories, please contact us:

Branislav Valent, Events & Outreach Officer

DATE : 27/11/2018

"Our village" - a new project by Delta Holding

"Our village" is the name of a new Delta Holding’s project through which the company wants to encourage growth of agriculture in undeveloped areas and restructuring of villages in Serbia. For the beginning phase, the villages Dubočane and Mala Jasikova in Zaječar area were selected.

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DATE : 18/09/2018

Campaign “Magnet For Love” Successfully Completed!

At the Institute for Child and Youth Health Care of Vojvodina the first device for magnet resonance has been initiated. With that, the campaign ''Magnet for Love“, initiated by MK Group & TDE Services and financially aided by NIS Serbia, the Provincial Government of Vojvodina and a great number of corporate and private donators, was officially completed.

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