Petnica Support Program

In the Engage for Change survey conducted in the late 2013, AmCham member companies have pointed out the importance of the practical skills and modern education as one of the preconditions for job creation. For that particular reason, AmCham Board has decided to establish a long term support program with Petnica Science Center.

Petnica Science Center is an independent and nonprofit organization for extracurricular, formal and informal science. Since 1982, Petnica has organized more than 2,500 programs for almost 50,000 students and science teachers, in more than 15 disciplines. Every year the Petnica Science Center, welcomes up to 2,500 talented students and experts in various fields from both Serbia and abroad, providing them them with an opportunity to learn a different approach to scientific research.

This leading independent education system, not only in the region but also in Europe, is a true brand of modern Serbia that nurtures the real values of modern workforce – innovation, creativity, out of the box thinking and problem solving through its numerous programs in natural sciences and humanities. However, Petnica struggles to raise support, financial and in kind assistance, to ensure its sustainable existence.

Many AmCham members have already provided substantial support to Petnica, thus recognizing it as a true center of educational excellence. Now, it is time to make each individual assistance more valuable by becoming a part of the grand Petnica Support Program.

To get the first hand sense of the significance of the Petnica Science Center and concrete ideas on ways your company can make a difference, follow updates on this page.


Financial Options of Support

In Kind Options of Support


NIS Supports Science and Talents Development at Petnica SC


As a company championing innovativeness and scientific research approach, NIS has for five consecutive years been financially sponsoring the activities of Petnica Research Centre, given its importance for the development of the culture of scientific literacy, education in Serbia, as well as of the promotion of science among young people.

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Hemofarm Offers to Supply Petnica’s Laboratories


Hemofarm has once again demonstrated true corporate values by deciding to join AmCham’s Petnica Support Program and kindly provide a number of laboratory supplies for Petnica Science Center

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Microsoft Donates Software and Programs to Petnica SC


In February 2014, Microsoft donated licenses for software and programs to Petnica SC, in the value of USD 313,000!

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AmCham’s Support to Petnica Science Center


On June 4, representatives of AmCham Serbia, its member companies and U.S. Embassy visited Petnica Research Center and launched long term cooperation between AmCham and this unique and precious educational institution.

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