AmChamps Alumni Club represents a vibrant community of young leaders – both mentors and mentees, that have been part of the AmChamps experience since the launching of the program in 2014. It was founded with a mission to promote continued professional development, networking and socialy responsible engagement among the former participants of AmChamps - Young Leaders in Change program.


AmChamps experience doesn’t end when participants receive their certificate! AmChamps graduates automatically become members of Alumni Club and are eligible to enjoy all of the benefits that come with membership.

Alumni Club represents a unique meeting place for its members, conducive to continuous learning, information sharing, as well as an outlet for networking
. It encourages establishing relationships between former and current AmChamps participants, by providing a forum for sharing their experiences and celebrating successful accomplishments.


AmChamps Alumni Board is made up of fellow alumni who have been elected to serve as the leadership of the Club. Five seats on the Board are distributed among three former AmChamps mentors who are appointed as Alumni Board President, Vice President and Secretary for Finance and Marketing, as well as two former mentees that act as Secretaries of the Alumni Board. After completing their one-year term, AmCham Alumni Board members are replaced with the most recent AmChamps graduates.

By working closely with the AmCham Executive Team, Alumni Board develops and strengthen programs that enhance relationships alumni have with the program and with each other. It`s mission is to create a roadmap for future alumni activities and promote Club’s mission, goals and objectives.

Members of AmChamps Alumni Board - 2014/2015

President: Aleksandar Vratonjić Gligorijević, TeleGroup
Milica Radunović, Groundlink
Secretary for Finance and Marketing: Luka Popović, Delta Agrar
Secretary of the Board: Milan Jerković, ETF
Secretary of the Board: Stefan Rajić. Faculty of Economics
Member at large: Sanja Keranović, Yuhor
Member at large: Predrag Mitić, HP
Member at large: Đorđe Vuksanović, VIP Mobile
Member at large: Jovan Karanović, Law Faculty

DATE : 06/07/2015

AmChamps Semi-Finalists Announced

After more than 6 months of hard work, keen competition and great socializing, 20 lectures, workshops and extracurricular activities, 15 student assignments and written articles - total of 20 AmChamps mentor/mentee teams have now been reduced to 10 semi-finalists who are now one step closer to being AmChamps Class 2015 winners.

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