Measures for Preserving Macroeconomic Stability

Business Luncheons and Breakfasts

14.12.2009. | Belgrade, Hyatt Regency

The struggle for a stable exchange rate and macroeconomic stability will continue in 2010

Amcham Luncheon w jelasic.jpg

The crucial part of macroeconomic-policy focus in 2010 is geared towards maintaining stability and is aimed at a stable local currency. This was the principal conclusion at a business luncheon organized by the American Chamber of Commerce and featuring Governor Radovan Jelasić of the National Bank of Serbia. Further topics discussed at the meeting included monetary policy for 2010, changes in the foreign exchange regulatory regime and announced amendments to the Law on Payment Operations.

AmCham commends the dedication of the National Bank of Serbia and Governor Jelasić to preserving macroeconomic stability. We hope that recent fluctuations of the exchange rate will be stabilized to provide a predictable framework for businesses to develop', said Skip Bornhuetter, President of AmCham Serbia. ‘However,' he added, ‘We have to be cautious and urge the Serbian central bank to keep a close watch on changes in the market and to react appropriately.'

As the largest voluntary association that includes foreign and domestic investors in Serbia, AmCham is particularly interested in the liberalization of foreign exchange operations and changes aimed at removing administrative burdens associated with executing cross-border payments. The announced liberalization is of vital interest for member companies of the American Chamber of Commerce.

‘The year 2009 was marked by the crisis and we definitely look in a more optimistic way towards 2010,' Mr. Bornhuetter said. ‘However, a precondition for a more optimistic scenario is commitment of the Government to undertake further economic reforms and to maintain the macroeconomic stability and predictability of the business environment. AmCham will continue to act as a constructive partner in that process.' Click here for photo gallery.