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Third cycle of “Kadar da budem kadar” Organized by AmCham and Belgrade University Career Development Center

`Kadar da budem kadar` program

13.12.2011. | Belgrade

From December 6 to 9, AmCham and the Center for Career Development and Student Counseling of the University of Belgrade organized, for the third time, the "Kadar da budem kadar" (Qualified to be qualified) program for students and young graduates.

The program, which consists of a series of training sessions run by professionals in the field of human resources - HR managers and consultants of AmCham member companies – gave the students an opportunity to learn more about the skills necessary in a modern business environment: networking, presentation skills, teamwork, motivation, time management and setting priorities.

Topic: Networking
Vladan Petrović, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Networking (establishing useful contacts) is an activity that serves to build relationships between people and can help both individuals and companies in their growth and development. Although most people are aware of the networking advantages, many do not develop the appropriate skills. While widespread opinion holds that networking is a talent, something that each individual may or may not have, the workshop revealed that it is actually a skill that can be developed by all. Participants received advice and learned simple techniques that can help them in establishing a network of their own contacts, thus make this activity interesting and highly efficient.

Topic: Career Development
Lecturer: Jelena Šribar, British American Tobacco

The presentation provided details on career management and highlighted typical misconceptions in this area. Participants received practical advices on how to improve their skills in order to achieve better results in their careers and truck a specially designed test to better define their own relationship to career success.

Topic: Presentation skills
Lecturer: Branko Čacić, Eurobank EFG
Almost 90% of people confessed that making public appearances (speaking) was their greatest fear. This phenomenon is present and widespread during student exams and job interviews and among professionals who must give lectures, presentations, speeches etc,. In the workshop, participants learned how to reduce anxiety before public appearances and how to improve the quality of their performance.

Topic: Teamwork
Lecturer: Katarina Gligorijević and Slobodanka Cvetković, Philip Morris
In today's challenging and dynamic business environment, teamwork has become a key element of business success and a part of the culture of modern business. In addition to knowledge and work abilities, teamwork skills are assessed in the selection processes for certain jobs. Therefore, this interactive workshop was designed to emphasize to future professionals the importance of teams and teamwork in achieving superior business results.

Subject: Motivation
Lecturer: Irena Radić and Maja Gabrijan, McCann Erickson
This presentation, through several workshops, presented the theoretical aspects of motivation and also illustrated practical ways in which motivation can be used as an interesting management tool in business environments.

Topic: Time Management and Setting Priorities
Lecturer: Ivona Simić, ConsulTeam
Achieving goals is a priority of every individual, while the time spent on this is considered the most valuable resource each person possesses. Therefore, this training acquainted participants with one of the secrets of success–- the efficient and rational management of time--and helped them in raising awareness of this topic through practical methods of learning.

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