During the voting period from February 10th till February 24th, 2014, you are entitled to:

  • vote in each of the five categories independently
  • vote only once in each category; once your votes per category are casted, you can no longer vote in that respective category
  • return to the voting platform and vote in the categories you have not casted your votes yet
  • vote for the best five candidates within each category grading them from 1 to 5 or chose to vote only for some of the candidates

List of nominees 2014

RULES AND ELIGIBILITY FOR VOTING – click here for detailed instructions

  • Competition for determined five categories was opened to AmCham member companies and professionals in leadership positions at the member companies
  • Only AmCham members are eligible to vote.
  • Companies nominated their candidates via online application form that was available at this online platform from January 15th until January 29th, 2014.
  • During the second phase each member company will be entitled to vote only once per category (one vote includes opportunity to vote with 1-5 points or with NO VOTE).
  • Each company is entitled to cast its votes either by the company’s General Manager or by designated person from the company.
  • Members of the Board of Governors and their respective companies as well as AmCham Executive Office employees were not nominated for any award.
  • In case of a deadlock in one category, AmCham Board of Governores tha acts as aSelection Committee will have a golden vote to decide on the winner.
  • The entire procedure is to be executed online to ensure maximum transparency.