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AmCham Welcomes the Formation of the New Government

18.05.2007. | American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia cordially welcome the formation of the new democratic government in Serbia and express hope that the new administration will soon be fully operational and will be able to promptly address the issues of importance for economic stability and further development of the investment climate in the country.

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AMCHAM Serbia Supports Safe House Construction

22.11.2006. | AmCham Fourth Annual Thanksgiving Dinner raises funds for B92 „For Our Children“ Campaign

BELGRADE - On Wednesday, November 22, the American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia organized its Fourth Annual Thanksgiving Dinner to commemorate the traditional American family holiday that celebrates the values of giving and sharing, understanding, tolerance and generosity. On this holiday, AmCham members every year contributed to charities supporting orphan children.

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AmCham Members Support the Victims of Family Violence

22.11.2006. | Over 160 guests at the Fourth Traditional AmCham Thanksgiving dinner celebrated the spirit of giving and sharing at Aeroklub

Over 160 representatives of AmCham member companies gathered for the Fourth AmCham Thanksgiving Dinner at Aeroklub to celebrate the traditional American family holiday.

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Investors’ aftercare critical to encourage further growth

18.10.2006. | Belgrade

The American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia (AmCham) supports the principle inspiring the draft Foreign Investment Bill reflecting the firm commitment by various local and national government stakeholders to focus on the importance of foreign investments of any size, to manage the relationship with potential foreign investors approaching the Serbian market and to acknowledge the challenges faced by those who have already committed to an initial investment in the country.

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Na redu primena zakona o borbi protiv piraterije

14.09.2006. | Američka privredna komora organizuje konferenciju na najvišem nivou, posvećenu primeni zakona iz oblasti zaštite prava intelektualne svojine

Konferenciju otvaraju američki ambasador Majkl Polt, predsednik komore Eugenio Sidoli, Ministri Milan Parivodić i Dragan Kojadinović i Državni sekretar Vlajko Senić. Među predavačima i specijalni agent Američkog federalnog biroa FBI Dejna Marino.

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