News Updates

AmCham Finance Committee initiates conclusion of a bilateral agreement with the U.S. aimed at harmonization with Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)


Due to the different requirements of international and domestic regulations in the area of data protection and banking secrecy, financial institutions operating in Serbia have been put in a position of conflict.

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AmCham Establishes Institutional Cooperation with the New Leadership of Tax Administration


On March 27, AmCham was invited by the Tax Administration and Tanjug as an institutional partner in organizing a Roundtable on improving the work of the Tax Administration. Besides AmCham members, the roundtable was attended by members of the Employers Association and the Association of SMEs as well as distinguished experts and professors.

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Leadership of AmCham Committees Elected


Over January and February, members of AmCham Committees elected new leadership – members of the Steering Committees that will lead the work of the groups in 2013.

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Famous Actors, Musicians Join AmCham’s Anti-Piracy Campaign “Not at the Expense of Others”


With the support of the U.S. Embassy, AmCham has initiated an anti-piracy campaign aimed at raising awareness of the importance of intellectual property rights (IPR) protection, especially on the internet.

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AmCham and NALED Send Joint Proposals for Improvement of Public Procurement Law


Since improvement of Public Procurement Law has been among our top priorities for the new government, AmCham responded to a call for public discussion on Proposal Law, in Parliament since February 2012 , and, along with NALED, sent joint suggestions for improving the legal text.

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