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DATE : 21/02/2007

Business Today Seminar with the OSAC Committee

Over 35 security professionals participated at the AmCham/OSAC Business Today Seminar held on February 21, at Business Center Usce. Along with experts from the U.S. Embassy and Serbian Ministry of Interior, they discussed the issue of private property and personal security in Serbia.

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DATE : 02/11/2006

Business Today Seminar with Nestle

Over 50 marketing and PR professionals from AmCham member companies and Belgrade marketing agencies gathered at the November AmCham Business Today Seminar to discuss the latest trends in marketing and brand management.

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DATE : 12/06/2006

Business Today Seminar on Arts and Business

"Giving to arts is good for business," asserted Alice Zimet, a seasoned New York arts fundraiser and the host of this month's Business Today Seminar. Drawing from her extensive experience working in both the corporate world and the arts community, she shed some light on various practical ways in which two groups can engage in mutually beneficial partnerships.

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DATE : 18/05/2006

Business Today Seminar with KPMG

May Business Today Seminar featured a three-hour long interactive presentation on insurance market development in the region pre and post EU accession and regulatory requirements, forthcoming developments in EU (such as Solvency II), as well as the adoption of International Reporting Financial Standards (IFRS).

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