Date: 26/03/2015

Mobbing and Whistle-Blowers Protection

On Thursday, March 26th, AmCham organized a briefing session on mobbing and protection of whistle-blowers

Apart from practical implementation of the Law on Mobbing, which was adopted in 2010, participants could also hear about:

-How to prevent workplace mobbing and its abuse in practice;
-What are the duties and responsibilities of the employee and the employer according to the Law on Mobbing;
-Case law;
-Types of whistle-blowers actions and protection;
-Burden of proof and compensation for damages according to the Law on Whistle-Blowers Protection;
-Similarities and differences between the two Laws.

Law on Whistle-Blowers protection was adopted in December 2014, and deadline for compliance with the Law is one year. Law enters into force on June 4, 2015.

Briefing session was hosted by Jelena Aleksić and Lidija Pejčinović, of Janković Popović Mitić Law Office.

To find out more about obligations of the employer related to protection from mobbing, and protection of whistle-blowers, please follow this link.