Date: 14/12/2015

The Fine-Tuning of Organizational Strategy

A half-day meeting of the Board of Governors and the Executive Team was held, with the aim of fine tuning formats, communication and processes within a three-pillar strategic approach to members

Following the findings of AmCham’s General Membership Satisfaction Survey, conducted by the Executive Office in November and December, AmCham’s Board of Governors and Executive Office team held an extraordinary strategic meeting.

The results of the survey were positive, with members giving high marks to the organizational strategy defined in late 2014, resting on the three work-flow pillars of Improving the Business Environment, Networking & Promotion, and Excelling Professional Development. The perceived importance of activities was presented.

The survey showed that the majority of members see AmCham as an info center for the latest legal/economy updates in Serbia, something which is very beneficial for them as they can obtain all the relevant information about laws and regulations while they are still in the preparatory phase – helping their organization to plan ahead.

In terms of networking, members recognized AmCham as a link which facilitates the necessary communication between companies with similar interests and missions in Serbia. Being an AmCham member, and thus gaining the opportunity to carry out promotion among fellow members, was evaluated positively. Further connections and communication with members within AmCham‘s regional network was discussed as a new feature in this field.

In the field of education, members valued programs aimed at educating their employees, especially those who are young, as well as opportunities to experience sharing with other companies. At the meeting, several innovative formats were proposed to fulfill members’ needs in this area.

Some of the performance indicators for 2015 were reviewed and discussed in accordance with members’ comments in the survey, outlining the priorities for 2016 in advocacy, networking and promotion and professional development.