Date: 08/04/2016

‘Women in Tech - Ladies First’ Cocktail Party

A cocktail party with the theme ‘Women in Tech - Ladies First’ was hosted by Diana Gligorijević, AmCham Board Member and Chief Marketing Officer of Telegroup, and Nataša Nikolić, Marketing & Business Development Director @ Ernst & Young.

After the successful launching of a Women in Tech series of events at the beginning of March 2016 with a Panel Discussion on experiences and models to encourage greater participation by women in the digital sector, business ladies and female leaders from the AmCham community, the public sector, academia and the student population got together in an relaxed atmosphere of a Ladies First Cocktail party.

Toasting each other with a glass of wine and delicious hors d'oeuvres, the ladies used this opportunity to set an informal agenda on how to nourish and further strengthen the Women in Tech group.