Date: 24/06/2016

Diploma Awards Ceremony Completes First Part of 2016 AmChamps Educational Program

AmChamps diplomas were awarded to participants in this year's AmChamps educational program at the U.S. Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) Gordon Duguid’s residence

The first part of AmChamps program, which began in January and included a series of lectures, workshops and discussions on various topics in the field of business, was officially finished.

On the occasion of Diploma Awards Ceremony short speeches were given by a member of the AmCham Board of Directors, Diana Gligorijević (TeleGroup), DCM Gordon Duguid and AmCham’s Executive Director Vera Nikolić Dimić. Their speeches referred to the values ​​promoted by the AmChamps program, such as education and mentoring, and wished to AmChampsers success in their future work. After the official diploma awards, one of the AmChampsers Maja Pujević (Represent Communications) thanked to the hosts and managers of the program on behalf of the Class 2016 pointing out that the program greatly contributes to personal and professional development and creates a community of hard-working and successful young people in which it is much easier to achieve individual goals.

Ten mentor-mentee couples who achieved the best results in the first part of the program now pass to the semifinals. During the next three months, their task will be to work on a case study prepared by Coca-Cola Hellenic.