Date: 15/09/2016

WineCham with DHL @ Milanović Winery

In a relaxing tour that commenced at DHL - an AmCham founding member, and continued through the diverse range of the Milanović wines, representatives of AmCham founding members, and Board and Patron members, together with representatives of the U.S Embassy in Serbia toasted the first 15 years of the AmCham

The tour began at the DHL Logistics center in Novi Banovci where guests were welcomed by Darko Babić, General Manager of DHL in Serbia, who entertained the audience with a story about the founding of AmCham. The tour continued inside the DHL facilities where the distribution and import, export and customs operations were briefly explained. Afterward, the tour moved on to the estate of the Milanović Winery situated in picturesque Surduk village with beautiful views from cliffs formed over the centuries by the Danube river. Since it was harvest time, guests took a brief tour of the vineyards while picking some ripe grapes directly from the vines and visited the Milanović Winery production facilities and barrel halls, guided through the secrets of the varieties of vines, and traditional and contemporary approaches to wine-making.

The tour ended in the pleasant atmosphere of the winery with live music, excellent food and wine-matching sessions featuring extraordinary wines created by a careful mixture of local and international grape varieties: Sila (Kevedinka and Chardonnay), Probus (Kadarka and Cabernet Sauvignon) and Neoplanta (a variety made by hybridizing Smederevka and Tramiener). The guests enjoyed opening their minds with the opening of every bottle of wine.