Date: 06/12/2016

Toward the Confirmation of a Successful Strategy

The AmCham Board of Governors and the Executive Office has held a strategic annual meeting and outlined strategy for 2017

Following the outline established at last year strategic meeting held in December 2015, when, based on a membership satisfaction survey conducted during November and December 2015, the Board set new strategic directions and priorities for 2016, Executive Office reported on current affairs and year-to-date operations and activities.

Analysis of the outcomes of the current strategic position shows that fine-tuning in December 2015 led to growth of member engagement in all of the three strategic/working pillars of the organization: Improving the Business Environment, Networking and Promotion, and Excelling Professional Development. The current market perception based on over 130 bilateral meetings with the members` top representatives in 2016 was overviewed, and suggestions compiled at those meetings were thoroughly discussed. New operational directions were defined for: AmCham Working Groups Guidelines and structures, improving communication related to meetings with the key stakeholders, developing a series of family event formats and launching the upgraded on-line membership platform.

The current strategy is to be verified by members in the next membership satisfaction survey that will be conducted October-November 2017.

The Board also adopted the first draft of the AmCham budget for 2017.