Date: 18/05/2017

The Third WineCham at Aleksandrović Winery

AmCham organized the third WineCham event, a relaxing tour involving tasting of the best wines and traditional Serbian cuisine.

This year, at the third WineCham event, organized in cooperation with WineQ - Wine Culture Center, representatives of AmCham member companies had the opportunity to enjoy the informal atmosphere of the Aleksandrović winery in Topola. During a tour of the winery’s vineyards and cellars, Vladimir Stojić, President of WineQ - Wine Culture Center, spoke about the, terroir and climate of the Šumadija wine region and the wine varieties that grow there. In addition, Uroš Kostić, Director of Wine Tourism at the Aleksandrović winery, spoke about the Aleksandrović family’s cherished tradition of wine production from vine to table over many years’. In addition, participants learnt more about the entire process, the selection of the best grapes for wine, sorting, storage in barriques and preparation for onward distribution to restaurants around the world.

After visiting the cellar, Zoran Petrović, president of the American Chamber of Commerce, thanked all the participants for a pleasant day spent together. The third WineCham event ended with a tasting of the best red and white wines from the Aleksandrović winery’s cellars, including sparkling Chardonnay, and a selection of Triumph, Charisma, Triumph Rose, Vision, Regent and Euphoria, accompanied by traditional Serbian snacks and a view of the sun-drenched vineyards.