Date: 24/05/2017

Nelt Established Cooperation with Dachser

Balkan region is now connected to the European Food Network

NELT, distribution, logistics and trade marketing leader in the region of Western Balkan, established cooperation with the largest food logistics network in Europe. A weekly transport line connects the European food exporters with the markets in Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Also the food exporters in the Western Balkan region are profiting from this new cooperation. They now have access to 34 countries in Europe via NELT.

With this cooperation NELT has access to the European Food Network, headed by the German food logistics provider DACHSER. The network covers 34 European countries and operates warehouses with a total storage area of around 1,74 million square meters and has around 10.500 reefer trucks at its disposal. NELT is responsible to serve Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Nelt’s access to European Food Network is another confirmation about our services being fully compliant with high and demanding international standards of our principals. This cooperation represents a step further in development of NELT business operations and for millions of consumers. But also producers in the Western Balkan region it means faster and direct delivery of food products from and to all European markets“ says Ivan Milićević, NELT LSP Operations and Development Manager.

“The cooperation with NELT has come at the right time. The Balkan region is a very interesting market for our export-orientated customers. But so far there was no standardized transport solution for grouping food shipments available. With their experience and leading position in the market NELT perfectly fits into our Network”, stated Oliver Voelk, Head of European Network & Partner Development at DACHSER.