Date: 09/06/2017

AmChamps Teambuilding at Kopaonik

Team building for the AmChamps generation of 2017 is traditionally held on Kopaonik with the support of MK Group. The AmChamps were guests of Grand Hotel & Spa, participating in working parts of the program, socializing, and contributing to the forestation of Kopaonik.

The initial lecture was given by Goran Golubovic Vuksanovic, Director of Corporate Communications at MK Group, on changes in management through examples of development at MK Group. Vuksanovic explainind the principle of constant change, which primarily involves the willingness of management to create new and additional team synergy through bringing about change and then adaptation of business processes and models of leadership, goal setting and the decision-making mode.

After the lecture, the Amchamps team walked to Mark’s stone, enjoying the beauty of the landscape. For the end of the first evening a bowling competition was organized.

The second day of teambuilding was spent in the countryside. In the morning the participants took part in an environmental action, "Oxygen for Kopaonik" (KO2P), in which the AmChamps, with the support of hosts MK Group and representatives of the local community, planted 100 spruce seedlings and in that way gave a small contribution to the preservation of the Kopaonik environment. In the afternoon they visited one of the the most beautiful locations on Kopaonik, a nature reserve of the first category Metođe. During the walking tour of 2.5km, participants were introduced to the biodiversity of the reserve and visited the church of Sv. Olympic Methodius, and a geyser of cold water in the canyon of Brzećke river at a height of 1425m. After a busy day in nature, students and managers relaxed in the hotel's spa center. The night was reserved for a party at the club Havana.