Date: 19/07/2017

Briefing Session on Staff Leasing

Meeting on July 19 gathered representatives of Labor Regulations Committee to discuss Government`s plans for the adoption of the Staff Leasing Law.

Briefing was led by Nikola Milosavljević of Adecco, member of a working group in charge for drafting the Staff Leasing Law, who presented most recent developments regarding the drafting process, concepts upon which the Draft is based and solutions for concrete issues adopted by the working group.

It was noted that the new Law would secure better protection of the employees hired through specialized agencies, since it would regulate the labor segment that has not so far been covered by any Serbian law. The new Law would define rights of both workers and employers and reduce possibilities of abuse, as well as prescribe the way of establishing and licensing of staff leasing agencies. For example, Staff Leasing Law would guarantee employees a two-year contracts and provide the employers with the possibility to negotiate a transfer of the employees without firing them.

Present participants discussed some of the possible problems that this systemic change could bring, such as inconsistency with the rest of the legislation, incorporation of youth organizations into the new system, registration, licensing and work of the agencies, supervision and penal provisions etc.

It was stated that this law is highly important for the business community and should be adopted as soon as the new Ministry of Labor is formed.