Date: 01/02/2018

Significant Humanitarian Donation Made by Vip Mobile

Vip Mobile has donated 2.5 million dinars to the Association for Assistance to Persons with Autism of Serbia.

Thanks to the excellent response of Vip users who contributed by sending humanitarian SMS messages, as well as a share of the company's income from SMS traffic during the New Year and Christmas holidays, the funds were collected. They will be used for the realization of three projects aimed at improving the living conditions of people with autism and their families. This donation will enable the launch of a digital platform for informing and advising families of people with autism, equipping so-called medical rooms in five Serbian cities, as well as opening the first Work Center for those with autism.

Dejan Turk, CEO of Vip Mobile, said that ''this company, together with its users, has taken a significant step in supporting autism sufferers and their families. We believe that the implementation of digital solutions such as online counseling services will provide better and more effective support available all over Serbia.“

"We are extremely honored that our long-standing initiatives and ideas for supporting people with autism and their families in Serbia are recognized and supported by Vip Mobile. In addition to the exceptional financial component, this donation has a human component. The response of donors to the action was very large, which shows that the awareness of autism and the challenges it brings to the families is great, as well as the sensitivity of our citizens to this problem,“ said Vesna Petrović, President of the Board of the Association for Assistance to Persons with Autism of Serbia.