Date: 13/03/2018

Development of Family Business and Workshops

At this week's gathering in the ICT Hub, participants in the AmChamps 2018 program had the opportunity to gain first-hand advice on the development of family businesses as well as to learn the skills of making decisions in stressful situations with the help of a creative approach and thinking.

Founders and representatives of the TeleGroup, family company for ICT solutions and telecommunications, Diana, Milomir and Aleksandar Gligorijević presented the development path of their company. They told how after a long period spent abroad in the nineties, where they gained experience in large corporations they returned to Serbia. Milomir stressed that for the development and success of a company hardworking and dedicated people are necessary, but that you also need a bit of luck. Diana pointed out to AmChamps participants that they have to learn and upgrade skills through all their lives, regardless of whether they want to work in the corporate world or a family business. Aleksandar explained that families and businesses have their own separate needs and goals and that it is necessary to balance these two segments of life. He said that for a family company to remain successful after the first generation the rules of employment, financial policy, sustainability and profitability must be defined because a bigger and more successful company means that more people depends on it. The lecture ended with the many questions from the AmChampers.

After the break, the participants of the program were divided into two groups for workshops. A workshop on Problem solving and decision making was held by Veselin Vasiljković from GiGroup. This activity involved work on a specific tasks, the challenges faced by each managers in their business. Working together in a group with advice and instructions from a trainer, participants tried to find adequate solutions to overcome problems, but more importantly their true causes.

The second workshop, Innovation and creative thinking, was led by Edin Veljović from PWC. The main objective of this workshop was to encourage participants to think differently and creatively when faced with obstacles in their organizations. The AmChampers showed innovation in their approach to solving problems through a number of enjoyable tasks, such as creating a bridge of straws and toothpicks.

To end the session, the AmChamps Alumni Board organized a relaxed gathering of all five AmChamps generations with music and cocktails.