Date: 24/03/2018

AmCham Company Members Won Virtus Award

AmCham company members Delta Holding, Nelt and Banca Intesa won Virtus Awards presented by the Trag Foundation for the 11th time. These awards aim to promote philanthropy and innovative socially responsible practices in Serbia and organizations that support non-profit initiatives.

Delta Holding was the winner of the Main Virtus Award for contribution to philanthropy at the national level. Projects of Delta Foundation which were particularly emphasized were the ‘’Third Parent Fund for the Future“ and donation of the third Delta endowment, sculpture ‘’From There Over Here“ to the City of Belgrade.

“This is really a lovely surprise for all of us. Our joy is even greater because this is the second time Delta Holding has won the Main Virtus Award. The greatest merit for the award goes primarily to our employees who apply the principle of social responsibility in their business and are happy to dedicate their time and knowledge to the realization of humanitarian activities”, said Tijana Koprivica, Sustainable Business Director for Delta Holding.

Banca Intesa received this renowned national award for the realization of coordinated projects and activities within its corporate volunteering program “Intesa from the Heart” during the previous year. This program included the project of financial education of the youngest generations called “Knowing how to Save,” the humanitarian project for supporting children without parental care “BIB Band Plays for Children,” Volunteering Day, during which the employees cleaned the coast of Gruža Lake, as well as results of individual volunteering arrangements by the employees.

Nelt won the VIRTUS Award for long-lasting partnership between the business and non-profit sectors for the Nelt educational program that has been implemented for the third year in cooperation with the 12 HUB Gallery and New Spark. This program program enables students to gain new knowledge and experience through lectures and mentorships.

"As part of its corporate social responsibility strategy, Nelt is particularly focused on investing in young people because we understand the necessity of education. Empowering young people and enabling them to experience diverse perspectives of technology, culture, art and business through an interdisciplinary program are the basis of this project. In this, our cooperation with G12 and Nova Iskra is extremely important, and therefore it is especially important that we received the VIRTUS Award in the category of cooperation. Nelt's educational program has confirmed for years that it is possible for young people to open a place for creative and professional self-realization in Serbia“, said Nebojša Šaponjić, co-founder of Nelt.

Besides the AmCham companies, five other individuals or companies were awarded. The special award for a young philanthropist was given to Jovan Simić, founder of the humanitarian organization "Together for Life". The award for individual contribution to the development of philanthropy in the local community was given to Milorad Jurković, the famous Mile Stolar, who has built 1230 baby feeding chairs and Vesna Bondžić for helping cancer patients.

Small and medium sized companies were also awarded. Company Nag from Belgrade won the award for a long-lasting partnership between the business and non-profit sector and award for the contribution to the local community in which the company operates was won by Rudnik for the adaptation of the House of Culture, renovation of two elementary schools as well as for the adaptation of the Pensioners' House at Rudnik.

Radojka Nikolić, Jury Chair, said that 65 proposals for Virtus Awards were considered this year, of which 30 proposals were for individual contributions to philanthropy.

"These awards are a fantastic opportunity, in a life where cynicism is fashionable, to give recognition to people who do good and contribute to their community. These are the companies that give back to their community, not because they are gaining profit from it, but because they know that is a right thing by doing so”, said U.S. Ambassador to Serbia, Kyle R. Scott.