Date: 16/04/2018

AmChamps Meet AmCham President – Jelena Pavlović

Participants of the fifth generation of the AmChamps educational program met and talked with Jelena Pavlovic, president of AmCham in Serbia, the President of the Board of Directors of Philip Morris International for South East Europe (PMI).

Jelena opened the meeting talking about her personal career start and change and redirection from public international law to working in a large corporation, citing personal and professional reasons for such a choice and bearing in mind that young people starting their careers can be uncertain about what they want or do not want. She emphasized that success in the business world requires the existence of a positive personal attitude at all times and its clear articulation. She highlighted the particular challenge for women --balance between private and professional life--which is possible only thanks to good organization and motivation to move forward.

During the second part of the gathering, the President of the Management Board of PMI in Serbia spoke about AmCham’s current activities, the pillars of the organization, as well as the establishment of AmCham in Serbia in the early 2000s. The most important results of more than 15 years of AmCham in Serbia, Jelena pointed out reform of the banking sector, new labor laws, improved inspection and introduction of a unified procedure for issuing building permits.

The students and managers asked many questions related to health and educational reform, as well as giving suggestions and ideas in order to solve problems in these sectors.

Finally, Jelena said that young people are the ones who need to be active on behalf of their country and, with their knowledge, contribute to change.