Date: 24/09/2018

Gi Group Anniversary

Gi Group celebrated 20 years of global existence and 15 years of a successful way of doing business in Serbia. The celebration, called Next20, was organized in Belgrade with many clients, partners and associates who gathered in order to commemorate this important jubilee.

Stefano Coli-Lanci, president and executive director of Gi Group Holding, Bisera Gajić, manager in Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia, and Olga Svoboda, international manager for development welcomed the guests and announced the beginning of an even more successful, innovative and prosperous period in the upcoming 20 years.

Gi Group is one of the leading foreign companies providing services within the professional development sector and HR management with annual turnover of 2 billion euros, 100,000 freelancers, 20,000 clients, 3,300 employees and 500 offices worldwide.

Gi Group is active in sectors including temporary and permanent employment, recruitment and selection, training and development of the employees, outplacement services, HR consulting and many other complementary services.