Date: 24/10/2018

HResurs – The Facilitator’s Skills

The second presentation of the HResurs program, dedicated to the role of the facilitators and their skills, was held by HResurs mentor Ivana Pupić from UniCredit bank.

Attendees had a chance to find out more about the term, role and skills of the facilitator, a guide who directs and motivates interlocutors and helps them, using skills, to clearly state ideas, opinions and conclusions. It is necessary for facilitators not only to evaluate opinions of interlocutors, but to help them to pierce their own personal barriers and to achieve the maximum from every interlocutor. Emphasizing that facilitator is also a creator of atmosphere, Ivana Pupić gave some practical advice, that could be implemented in the work of small and bigger groups.

The second part of this presentation was focused on solving conflict situations, relying on different generalized personal characteristics of people and observing relevant skills of facilitators for peaceful settlement of situations that can cause troubles in guiding groups.

At the end of this HResurs presentation, attendees discussed a practical case and confirmed their knowledge of the rare differentiation of emotional and business aspects, bearing in mind the value of personal experience in solving controversial situations among groups of people.