Date: 10/05/2019

Double Top Brand Award for Gorenje

Gorenje Company has received prestigious Top Serbian Brands 2018 Awards in two categories: Corporate Brand – Electronics; and Special Award – Best Foreign Brand Produced in Serbia.

Top Serbian Brands magazine and the portal presented the Top Serbian Brands awards, which were based on the results of an independent and objective poll measuring the confidence of Serbian citizens in various brands and companies. This is the fifth year in a row the awards have been presented. The awards cover 55 categories, with this year's survey taking account of the opinions of 2,388 adult citizens from the 16 largest cities in Serbia.

The winners were selected according to criteria such as brand recognition, top quality, customer satisfaction, excellence in business and business results, according to information on Gorenje’s official website.

According to Gorenje, the Top Serbian Brands Award recognizes customers’ trust and loyalty and their recognition of the high quality, functionality, innovation and modern design of Gorenje products.