Date: 07/06/2019

World Food Safety Day – Better Food Safety Requires Cooperation Between State and Economy

AmCham has given active support to the celebration of the first World Food Safety Day in Serbia. The celebration was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management alongside USAID’s Cooperation for Growth Project. The event highlighted the importance of cooperation between large and small companies, the economy and inspection for improvements to food safety.

At the event, which attracted over 100 representatives of companies and inspection services, it was pointed out that amendments to the Food Safety Act increase the responsibility of all participants in food production and distribution chains, as well as more clearly defining the National Reference Laboratory’s role. The focus on additional inspection oversight reform has been shifted towards risk analysis in all inspections in order to direct their limited capacities to where the biggest risks lie. It was also announced that additional human resources will be dedicated to both agricultural inspections and other inspections which functional analysis has found to require it.

AmCham Deputy Director Amalija Pavić moderated the economy panel, at which Amcham members PepsiCo, Delhaize and Nestle shared best practice in the field of food safety. The discussion revealed the best practices of these multinational companies in food safety, product traceability, supply chain risk analysis and precautions against new risks. The companies also spoke of the necessary standards which local suppliers must fulfil to be included in the value chain of multinational companies. Likewise, they emphasized their own efforts to adopt these standards with the aim that such standards are part not only of the companies’ supply chains, but also of the supply chains of their export competitors. It was also highlighted that cooperation with inspection services must be focused on risk analysis and that the data possessed by large companies could prove a useful resource in that regard, which should be utilized.