Date: 06/11/2019

Banca Intesa organized workshop for children to mark World Savings Day

Banca Intesa has marked World Savings Day by continuing its financial education program under the auspices of its parent group Intesa Sanpaolo and the Museum of Saving in Turin, World Savings Day 2019 was dedicated to the importance of saving resources through the circular economy and environmental protection.

An educational workshop entitled “Less litter – more glitter” was organized on November 5th for first grade pupils at St Sava elementary school in Pančevo. The children first attended a specially devised school class dedicated to the circular economy and environmental protection.

Next, they brought recyclable objects or materials such as newspapers, notebooks, cardboard boxes, plastic bottles and other packaging from their homes to the workshop. The aim was for them to use the objects they had brought in a creative way in order for them to understand that disused objects can be transformed into useful things with new value. The children made musical instruments out of these materials and played them.

The “Less litter – more glitter” workshop is part of Intesa Sanpaolo Group’s wider program, dubbed “The Art of Saving”. The program was devised by the Museum of Saving, the Group’s innovative multimedia laboratory, and is being implemented through a series of workshops, exhibitions and various types of educational content.