Date: 25/11/2019

Direct Media donates contemporary diagnostic apparatus to the Dr Vukan Čupić Institute for the Protection of Mothers’ and Children’s Health

Direct Media United Solutions has donated diagnostic apparatus worth RSD 1,150,000 to the Dr Vukan Cupic Institute for the Protection of Mothers’ and Children’s Health in Belgrade.

The Institute is the largest children's hospital in this part of Europe and treats the largest number of children with malignant tumors from Serbia and the surrounding countries. This modern diagnostic apparatus, located in the Pathology Department, will significantly improve and accelerate diagnostic procedures for kids with cancer.

The donation was given to the Institute’s director on behalf of the company by Jasna Dugalić, Deputy General Director of Direct Media United Solutions, who pointed out that these children need all the help that is possible in their most important battles.

Funds for the donation were provided by Direct Media United Solutions, which donated the revenue generated from participation fees for the "Direct Media Academy" conference to The National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer (NURDOR).