Date: 20/02/2020

Welcoming new members cocktail party

During 2019, the AmCham family was extended by 25 companies. In an informal atmosphere, representatives of the companies that have joined AmCham over the last year met Board members, the executive office team and each other.

"I feel free to say that the healthiest part of Serbian economy, whether it be US, domestic or international companies, has been brought together under this roof," said Jelena Pavlovic in one of her last appearances as President of the AmCham board, encouraging new members to be as active as possible in the work of committees and in public advocacy activities aimed at enhancing the regulatory framework of business, as well as in promotion and networking activities through informal event formats and internal and external education organized by AmCham.

“We ended last year with 25 new members, which is a record number of newly joined companies since AmCham has existed,” added Pavlovic.

Companies that have joined the AmCham community in 2019 are: