Date: 24/03/2020

Crowne Plaza provides meals for the bravest

Crowne Plaza prepares meals for medical staff working at three clinical hospital centers in Belgrade

"In a situation such as COVID-19 pandemic, our responsibility to society is now reflected, first and foremost, in protecting the health of our employees, their families and the clients we work with. In this way, we also protect the health of the entire community,” said representatives of Delta Holding and Crowne Plaza, while adding, “We believe that supporting the bravest and most committed members of our society - the medical staff, who care for the patients, is of utmost importance at this time“.

Crowne Plaza prepares 150 meals a day for health care staff of the Clinical Hospital Center "Dragiša Mišović" and two hospitals of the Clinical Center of Serbia – Infectious Clinic and Pulmonology Clinic.