Date: 26/03/2020

UNIQA donates RSD 5 Million for purchasing respirators

UNIQA donates RSD 5 Million for purchasing the necessary medical equipment.

By fully supporting healthcare professionals in combating COVID-19, who are doing everything in these crisis times to ensure the sustainability of the health care system, UNIQA Insurance has donated RSD 5 Million to purchase respirators and other essential medical equipment.

"Responsibility and solidarity are of utmost importance in these moments. UNIQA has commited its entire business to combating COVID-19 epidemic and its consequences. We are people that work for people. Health care assistance goes beyond corporate social responsibility and is another aspect of our contribution to fighting the epidemic together. We appeal to citizens to stay at home and show that they are responsible to themselves and their surroundings, as our employees do. Only together can we come out as winners," said Gordana Bukumirić, President of the Executive Board of UNIQA Insurance.

UNIQA provided financial assistance to support the Serbian health system in cooperation with the Republican Health Insurance Fund.