Date: 07/04/2020

TeleGroup donates two respirators

TeleGroup donates funds necessary for purchasing two respirators.

TeleGroup has joined the UNICEF initiative by donating funds necessary for procurement of two respirators with the goal of supporting the Serbian health system in combat against COVID-19 pandemic.

TeleGroup has also joined the City of Belgrade's initiative to provide essential help packages for senior citizens living in Belgrade.

“More than ever, private sector needs to show solidarity by providing proactive support to our country in combating a pandemic, while also helping the most vulnerable part of the population. In addition to supplying respirators, we support the City of Belgrade in the transportation and distribution of essential help packages for seniors with minimum incomes living in Belgrade. We provided vehicles and our volunteers have already started delivering packages throughout the weekend to city municipalities. We believe that as a society we will overcome this difficult situation and that together, with our partners from the public and private sector we will find new ways to recover the domestic economy in the following period," said Žarko Filipović, CEO of TeleGroup.