Date: 14/04/2020

WeCann Live Panel – Creativity is the only way to survive

WeCann Live Panel brings live discussion with representatives of the advertising industry.

The hosts of WeCann Live Panel are I&F Group agencies, who will share their views on trends and topics that are catching the attention of the advertising industry. The theme of the first panel is: Creativity is the only way to survive.

Creative directors of I&F Group agencies will discuss new topics in the world of creativity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What will remain the same and what will change in the advertising world? What are the new rules and how do they see the role of creativity after Covid-19? Why is creativity the only way to survive?

DATE: 15.04.2020.
TIME: 15.30-16.30h (CET)

Jana Savić Rastovac, McCann Beograd
Josefine Richards, McCann Stockholm
Flonia Vasia Gjollma, McCann Tirana
Daniel Vuković, McCann Zagreb
Vladimir Simić, McCann Skopje
Vladimir Ćosić, Drive Beograd
Regner Lotz, McCann Copenhagen