Date: 27/04/2020

Mercator donates RSD 4 Million to hospitals and army facilities involved in Covid-19 response

The retailer has donated products worth RSD 4 Million to hospitals treating Covid-19 patients.

Mercator-S has donated products valued at some 4 million dinars to hospitals and army barracks housing Covid-19 patients, with Dragiša Mišović Clinical Hospital Centre receiving the first consignment. 

Over the next month, weekly deliveries of water, juice, sweets, and fruit will be made to Dragiša Mišović Hospital, Zemun Hospital, and the clinical centres of Novi Sad, Niš, and Kragujevac, while personal hygiene items and disinfectant will be provided to army barracks in Kneževac and Zuce. 

‘As soon as the coronavirus pandemic was declared we made sure our employees were safe. We were the first retail chain to put in clear acrylic partitions at cash registers and floor markings to remind shoppers to keep their distance. We spared no effort to create the best working conditions for our staff and ensure our clients could conveniently buy basic foodstuffs. Mercator-S has paid out bonuses to all our retail workers in recognition of their exceptional service under these challenging circumstances. We have helped by assigning people, sharing knowledge, and making donations wherever we could and to the extent it was possible. We will donate products worth 4 million dinars to five clinical centres and two army barracks throughout Serbia. Medical staff at Dragiša Mišović Hospital, Zemun Hospital, and the clinical centres of Novi Sad, Niš, and Kragujevac will receive weekly shipments of food that will help sustain them as they do the hardest and most important work for Serbia today. We are happy to be able to share our solidarity, one of our company’s core values, with society at large’, said Lazar Marković, head of retail at Mercator-S.