Date: 24/06/2020

Indonesia ranked as world’s most complex place to do business by TMF Group

The international business landscape is more complex than ever, according to the latest annual Global Business Complexity Index (GBCI) by professional services firm TMF Group – with COVID-19 adding a significant economic and social layer

Indonesia is ranked as the most complex place to do business in this year’s report, which once again analyses key areas of business administration and compliance across 77 jurisdictions, from the time it takes to incorporate, to changes in tax legislation, to policies around wages and benefits, through to the challenges of opening a bank account. In all over 250 different criteria are factored into this year’s rankings.

TMF Group CEO Mark Weil said: “Understanding international business complexity is essential, even more so during these challenging times. A complex country can constrain business success or can discourage investment entirely; on the other hand, simplicity of operation can encourage investment in a jurisdiction that would not otherwise be competitive“.

To learn more about the country rankings, global trends and how to stay ahead of complexity download your copy here.