Date: 18/06/2010

AmCham Business Ethics Week

AmCham Serbia organized a Business Ethics Week – a series of events on the occasion of arrival of ethics specialist Mr. Gary Edwards via US speakers program, generously facilitated by the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade aiming to engage all relevant stakeholders in an open discussion about the best practices in implementation of the codes of ethical conduct worldwide and the benefits that this kind of behavior brings to the society as a whole.

During Mr. Edwards staying in Belgrade, there were eight events that gathered over 280 people from business (SME & CORPORATE), NGO, media and public sector. Next to Mr. Edwards there were 15 other speakers, representatives of different organizations from different sectors.

Engaging All Stakeholders

AmCham member companies had the chance to learn from Mr. Edwards about the importance of codes of business conducts and obeying ethical principles in daily business operations during the AmCham Business Breakfast, organized on Tuesday, June 15 in Hyatt. On this occasion Mr. Edwards underlined the role of Ethics Resource Centers all over the world in establishing culture based upon this kind of business behavior. Click here for photo gallery.

During his trip, Mr. Edwards had the chance to meet with the representatives of UNDP Global Compact managing board and contribute to a Conference on Labor Rights, held on Tuesday, June 15th in the National Bank of Serbia. The conference was attended by International Labor Organization (ILO), Labor Inspection, Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, NGOs and the business community where they exchanged the opinions about safety at the workplace and discrimination issues.

All other relevant stakeholders, such as public institutions, academic sector, media representatives and businesses were invited to attend Panel Discussion on Ethics - Multi Stakeholders Dialogue, in order to provoke and initiate discussion on ethical behavior within the wider population in Serbia. Panel Discussion took place on Wednesday, June 16th in the National Bank of Serbia premises due to generous gesture of Governor Jelašić and his dedication to the topic. Click here for photo gallery.

Having the opportunity to meet with the representatives of National Competitiveness Council in the Government, this distinguished specialist in organizational ethics explained to the participants how this particular model of behavior could be a chance for improving the competitiveness of entire country.

Mr. Edwards also delivered the presentation about the role of Ethical Resource Centers and their work all around the world and presented particular case-study to the small & medium entrepreneurs and courts of honor, members of Serbian Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, June 17.

A Roundtable on Ethics in Health Care was the final offering in a series of events that marked AmCham’s Business Ethics Week. Some 30 participants gathered at the Roundtable to raise awareness of international best practices and methods of dealing with outstanding issues in ethics in health care, including self regulation and legislative provisions. Beside Mr. Edwards, the audience was addressed by Health Care Task Force Manager Gabriel Dina, Country Manager of MSD, Cameron Werker,  Commercial Attaché at the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade, Jasmina Pavlovic, a member of the INOVIA Board of Governors, and Tatjana Radosavljevic, Director of the Serbian Medical Chamber. The collective opinion of the roundtable was that the public and private sector should engage in a dialogue aimed at improving the ethical behavior of health care professionals through self-regulation, as well as through stricter enforcement of existing regulations. Click here for photo gallery.