Date: 27/10/2020

AmChamps 007 – Strategy

The fourth webinar gave participants in the AmChamps 007 programme the opportunity to learn about strategy, and the subsequent workshop allowed them to apply these new skills. The webinar was presented by Miro Smolović, head of PwC’s Academy for South-Eastern Europe.

At the outset, the trainer outlined the objectives of the webinar and workshop: to motivate students and mentees to think strategically, present an introduction to strategic thinking, and acquaint the participants with the tools needed to create strategies. Miro played a short film showcasing a number of pressing global issues to get the attendees to think about how to develop strategies if the world around as is changing at such a rapid pace. The answer is that the approach to strategies should remain the same, with the only difference being a need to be more responsive to changing circumstances and devote greater attention to potential changes. The trainer then spoke about crises in organisational growth and the notions of ‘strategy’ and ‘strategic objective’, defining strategy as the long-term direction and course of a company, and strategic objective as the quantification of the direction in which we want the organisation to go. The participants then discussed strategic frameworks, models, and elements.

The final part of the webinar involved a workshop in which the participants were tasked with analysing the strategy of AmCham. The students worked in groups to apply strategic tools to AmCham’s business model and presented their findings.