Date: 28/10/2020

SBB Foundation launches rECOnstruction prize draw

As part of its initiative ‘Don’t litter. There’s no excuse!’, the SBB Foundation has opened a prize draw that underscores the importance of individual action in protecting the environment

If you care for your environment and you’re aware that day-to-day habits both in and outside the home can change it for the better, send us a video or picture of what you do at by 24 November. The SBB Foundation panel will choose the best submissions and reward them.

Share your personal environmental project: maybe it’s your neighbourhood clean-up drive, or help for endangered animals or other conservation effort. If you already haven’t, give your imagination free rein, and rECOnstruct the world around you!

Each participant can send up to three submissions (one video or three photographs per submission). Great prizes are to be won: a collapsible electric bicycle, an electric scooter, a collapsible bicycle, and five badminton sets.

Anyone can set a good example for their neighbours, children, and friends. The SBB Foundation invites you all to be the change you want to see – and take part in rECOnstruction!