Date: 18/11/2020

AmChamps 007 - Career development

Another online seminar took place on 18 November as part of the AmChamps 007 training programme. Žile Vasić, Vice President of Delta Holding and Area Manager of InterContinental Hotels Group spoke with AmChamps participants about career development.

Žile first described his own career path. The first message he had for the AmChamps group was to be brave and persistent in seeking to attain their goals. He also highlighted the importance of receiving support from one’s family and friends. What the participants found to be the most interesting, perhaps, was his opinion of what it meant to be successful in business: the feeling of happiness whilst doing work. He also noted the importance of both formal education and informal learning through travelling and life experiences, as well as improving oneself and gaining new skills that will lead to greater happiness in the workplace. Žile also spoke about the situation in the hospitality industry, hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, focusing on how hotels were dealing with the crisis. The seminar ended with a discussion session where the participants were able to ask about anything they were interested in.