Date: 12/11/2020

AmChamps 007 - NLP workshop on ‘What informs our own and others’ behaviour?’

The lecture and workshop entitled ‘What informs our own and others’ behaviour?’ was held on 12 November as the first event organised by participants of the AmChamps007 programme. The interactive seminar took place online and was facilitated by Martina Đokić, founder of Global Thinkers Vienna and expert in communications and the unconscious mind.

The event aimed at uncovering meta-programmes, unconscious patterns we employ to make decisions, communicate with others and set our objectives. Martina explained that understanding these patterns in our own behaviour and that of others makes it easier for us to understand why some of our habits may no longer be successful, understand what informs the reactions of those around us, how to deal with others, and how to build teams made up of people whose similarities and differences make them complementary. This could also be the first step towards changing these subconscious patterns and improving our one’s own skills and behaviour. The participants learnt about ‘internally referenced people’, those who know they have done a good job only when they themselves are satisfied with the outcome, and ‘and ‘externally referenced’ ones who like to receive reinforcement from others. There are also differences between people-oriented individuals, who seek to maintain a good environment and relationships in a group, and task-oriented persons who prioritise the work the group is to perform. Our subconscious meta-programmes determine our motivation, in other words whether we set our goals to achieve our grand desires and plans, or whether we are driven by avoiding consequences, so that we do work to avoid failing an exam, missing a deadline, or getting fired.